Molly and Scarlett Story

When Molly and Scarlett's parents divorced the girls only saw me (their Dad) at the weekends for a few hours.  Then slowly over time Molly and Scarlett did not see me at all. The last time we saw each other was just before Christmas 2007. The last time we spoke was 2008. There has been a few emails and texts but I am unsure if they are Molly or the Mum. I think Molly and Scarlett really want to know their father and be part of each other’s life. I have no idea if they have received my presents and cards over the years other than their birthday gifts 2014, after a few short emails. I have been blocked from their Facebook accounts and have been told to NEVER call by their mum.

Molly and Scarlett were born Molly Brockbanks-Hunt and Scarlett Brockbanks-Hunt. But, they are now only known as Molly and Scarlett Brockbanks. 

I really miss my beautiful girls – please get in touch so we can talk.  

 x Daddy x

Nicholas Hunt 
Proud Father of Molly and Scarlett

***A message to Molly***
We got your email & friend request and replied to you. 
Please contact us again!!!!***

We love you Scarlett, Molly & Brandon
You can love your Dad and your Mum at the same time...

Dad has been trying to see you since 2007.
He loves you and misses you.

Dad is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Skype - Please reach out to me again!!! He has tried to friend you but someone blocks him.

(Contact me, Anytime)

Nicholas Hunt:
These are photos of Molly and Scarlett with their cousins Anna and Colin. This was the last time you saw them in Grimsby. The picture below is with your cousins, your Grandmother and Mark. They also miss you very much. The now live between California and England, so they can visit you anytime.  

You have a large family with many cousins, aunts and uncles. We would all love to see you again very soon.

Brandon - Molly - Scarlett
I miss you and can't wait to hear from you! 

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